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These 12 languages are worth over 90% of the GDP of the entire Planet Earth!!

About a month ago, The Economist published a book review about the value of Foreign Language learning. It indicated that people in the United States learning languages like German or French could increase their earning potential over their lifetimes by … Continue reading

mayo 7, 2014 economía

The Game of Life: Thoughts on the Nature of Existence

I have recently been spending some time trying to educate myself about Game Theory (or, if you prefer, «Interactive Decision Theory» or «Multi-Person Decision Theory«). I had an interest in this subject mostly from a business perspective, but soon found it … Continue reading

noviembre 30, 2011 economía, filosofia

How safe is Mexico?

A recent news report by Mexico’s El Universal, a nationally circulated daily news outlet, recently stated that 2/3rds of the country are considered unsafe by foreign countries. However, data also suggests that Mexico’s National Security Crisis isn’t because of a … Continue reading

noviembre 16, 2011 economía, México

¿Podría México contribuír a la Crisis Financiera Global?

Muy interesante lo que se está gestando en nuestro país, y que se pudiera convertir en la aportación Mexicana a la Crisis Financiera Global. Para los que no están al corriente, o enterados, empecemos con un contexto histórico. La Crisis … Continue reading

agosto 25, 2011 economía, México, Nuevo León, PRI

El Techo de Deuda de Estados Unidos

Esta semana, todos los diarios del mundo y los Gobiernos, lo único que hablan del Techo de Deuda del Gobierno de Estados Unidos y la probabilidad de la moratoria de pagos de ese país, algo realmente impensable hace apenas unos … Continue reading

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